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back to you probably in may and they hope to have it take effect in the middle of july. so, just fyi, more details are coming on that. i will mention one other one which is supervisor chiu's bottle filling station, that is a piece of legislation we have talked about before where it now will apply only to new construction but as you know the building code requires depending on the occupancy load a certain number of water fountains to provide water to people and they must be accessible according to disability requirement. supervisor chiu 's legislation requires, that provides water as well as a person to fill a bottle. his goal to try to eliminate plastic water bottles from landfills. i understand that is very likely to come back with a recommendation to you, although the supervisor's intent if i understand it correctly is to have this take effect on the first of july. those are 2 new pieces that we are waiting on. i believe that's about all in the way of new legislation i can tell you about. >> thank you, mr. strong. >> item c. update on tracking system. >> acting director. unfortunat
minutes goes really fast and that was a little over, just fyi. superintendent. >> don't start the clock yet. thanks. again i want to thank everyone for being here this morning and this morning i said "welcome to a sunny day in september" and many of you didn't believe me and i want to thank you all for being here and in my comments at the beginning i spoke of the wonderful experience and having 3,000 opportunities yesterday see "bully" the movie. i spoke of all of the administrators seeing "bully" when they came back from summer break and develop their plans on their campuses here, so i would like to go deeper and talk about a couple of things and before that i appreciate what rosylyn and the previous panel said about the term "bullying" and run the risk of it meaning something generic and meaningless and the word of the day, so let's talk about what it is. it's assault. sometimes it's aggravated assault. it's kidnapping. it's coercion of human rights. it's stalking. these are different pictures when you think about it in those terms. that's what bullying is so in san francis
of your restitution package. so, just fyi. that's just a couple months old. i don't know about other states, i know that that's new for california. and we do have four or five examples of cities' restitution formulas. if anybody is interested they can see me afterwards and i can give you what other cities have used. >> awesome. are you all right? why don't you hold the mic until you don't need it any more. we have another question over here. >> this is for the san francisco crew. how important was your task force, elevate the issue of graffiti abatement in san francisco? >> i think one of the main reasons why it was elevated is -- and it's been continued to be elevated. the current mayor was actually the director of public works and he saw that graffiti was a serious problem. and, so, it's become more and more prevalent and the board of supervisors has also taken it on. i think they also recognize that the graffiti brings blight to the neighborhood. and, so, it hasn't been hard to get the support. and just like we're all here, as you saw yesterday, the city leaders are all on board w
$27.3 million opening weekend? fyi, the highest grossing baseball film of all time, "a league of their own" which earned $170.5 million. terry and diane, everything i see on twitter and everything i hear from folks who have seen this movie, it is golden. it's next up on my list. i'm told outstanding. >> i hear the same. it's on my list as well. thanks, scott. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> good night. >>> a multibillion dollar black market. alive and well in the bay area. and california's wildlife is in the cross-hairs. >> greed for profit with no concern for the species. >> we investigate how easy it is to put a price on california's most prized animals. an investigative unit report monday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >>> every day amazing innovations happen right here in the bay area. it's these innovations that reshape the way we look at the world. the . >>> welcome to "america's cup discovered." in this week's program we have the need for speed. when jimmy meets legend mario andretti. how exactly do you get an ac-45
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that we were going to have on social security in particular, and cost of living increases, fyi, it's not that there won't be a cost of living increase, he says it will be more consistent with the actual increase of cost of living so it's more of an accounting change. in any event, he says that's fair and that's something that the left doesn't like and so that, balanced with hundreds of billions of dollars in additional taxes will finally get us to the point where the wealthy are paying their fair share and should be something that the republicans can swallow. your take on it? >> well, this is certainly an effort by the president to say that he is the reasonable man here and he has told republicans, look, i'm willing to address entitlement reforms, we hate the new spending and everything yada, yada, yada, semi colon, you know that entitlements have been addressed starting when the president went into an exiting entitlement, medicare, to a new entitlement, his middle class subsidized health care. and it will carry the president until the end of today at which point, republicans will
terrorists so he can ditch the truth. fyi. i've not seen the flick. i've vowed not to see any film that induces vomiting. hollywood replaces the gore with lore. when thugs pit themself vi lengthily against society, somehow hollywood always favors the thugs. as redford said to a gushing george stephanopoulos on gma about the violence. >> even when you read about bombing? >> all of it. i knew that it was extreme, and i guess movements have to be extreme to some degree. >> wait. what if they had bombed the theaters showing your movies, robert? i guess the way your films have fared lately, bombing a bomb is redundant. >>> you know, k.g., what if a hollywood director decided to do a nuanced take on the kkk? >> yeah. >> they could be construed as violent revolutionaries. why doesn't somebody do that now? >> well, because that wouldn't be p.c., and there's a certain list of things they feel it's okay to be revolutionary or communist or somebody who was for overthrowing, essentially, law and order and government. they think it's okay to do so if they believe in their cause. i mean, in this
eye." with 60% more sprinkles. fyi, sprinkles are what i call by biceps. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, casual guy. coming up, were the boston marathon bombers motivated by their religion? some say -- to hell with that. yes, they were. plus, an eighth grader arrested for wearing an nra shirt to school? the shocking story that -- you know what? the hell with that. and who is the most hated celebrity in hollywood? the answer is in the box. greg? >> i don't get it. >> you will. >> will i? >> you will when you do the story. it is called a tease, greg. >> oh, you are teasing me. go away. let's welcome our guests. she is so cute that care bears carry jedediah bila lunch boxes. it is jed did you dye yaw booy law -- jedediah bila. and i would like to welcome a first time against, joe machi. and bill schulz. and he was just fired from sabaro. con grat -- congratulationses and thanks for ironing your clothes, jesse joyce. did you mistake a brick for an iron? >> oh dear. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. have a great
" is next. have a fantastic weekend, everybody >>> welcome to "red eye." with 60% more sprinkles. fyi, sprinkles are what i call by biceps. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, casual guy. coming up, were the boston marathon bombers motivated by their religion? some say -- to hell with that. yes, they were. plus, an eighth grader arrested for wearing an nra shirt to school? the shocking story that -- you know what? the hell with that. and who is the most hated celebrity in hollywood? the answer is in the box. greg? >> i don't get it. >> you will. >> will i? >> you will when you do the story. it is called a tease, greg. >> oh, you are teasing
. the implication is that profiling for potential terror is no better than terror itself. fyi, there is no such thing as a a -- reluctant fundamental list. it is as rare as a moon landing. its message, profiling encourages terror and that is deadly. it seeks to blunt your desire to deduce danger. rather than prevent attacks from the muslim supremacists, just place america's suffering in the context of global ills. when you grieve over boston they say now you know how somalia feels. now you get why so many hacks refuse to call the bomber an enemy combatant. if you just got to know him a little better, you would know he would be a blast. dana, welcome back to the program. we missed you, i guess. i am supposed to say that. why is it? what is with the constant cycle analysis of bad people? does it help? >> well, it doesn't help us prevent -- for some people like psychologists or if you are an fbi profiler or in the cia and trying to figure out what kind of person would do this to innocent people, psychoanalysis could help. we have spent so much time worrying about the why that we
. >> clause of my contract, we can play a wire clipping. just fyi. you tee up the question, the reason we played the clip is why are we? because we are seeing that in a lot of places. that usa today investigation was amazing and i think completely undercovered. why is the reason we're seeing that? >> the segment gets at it, when you put this kind of pressure on people, that is to say your salaries, your bonuses, your school is going to be determined and effected by how well students perform, then you create an incentive for some people who are unethical to cheat. but you also do something else. you really cheat children of a well-rounded education. we have very clear evidence right now that kids' test scores are going up and they're still taking remedial courses in college because what they're good at now is taking a test. they still don't write well, they don't know how to problem solve. and this is the whole problem with the way we view the assessment under no child left behind. we have completely distorted learning so now kids are focused on preparing for a test, but they're not focuse
% this year. how can you leave those out? by the way, just an fyi. we have definitely reached the don't do it at home stage. now, no -- here, here's what happened today. i mean, wait a second. i don't like this unnatural ingredient in the drink. anyway. what happened today. okay. for some the punch had been getting stale. tiresome. day after day tossing in the same grenlingredients, same foo same drugs. today we got a new taste added to the mix. yeah, the health care cost containment stocks. also known as hmos. oh, boy, medicare issued rules. recently amounted to what was a stamp tax. i don't like the whiskey tax that the brits put on the colonies to finance the french and indian war. last night, the u.s. government repealed this whiskey tax and actually gave the humana's united health and cignas a break. the result, these new ingredients rally like mad. we've got $4.10, $2.77, $1.84 for some of these guys. you know what? it's perfect to add some to the mix, don't you think? just so you know, this move in the hmos isn't done. when you see the huge gains you saw one day, it usually means th
crossed and using twitter chronicling what happened at mile 26. fyi, no one at mile 26 has no idea what is happening. moments later, rumor the rest of the race is canceled. no cell phone service. lots of rumors. can't get texts. that is how we learned what was happening in boston. big technology firms as a whole also responding in the wake of what happened in boston. google for example, updating its people finder website to allow people to find loved ones and find one another. this is a site that has been up a couple of years. the company putting it out there in natural disasters and big events like the one we had yesterday. this as all, as cell phone service was disabled yesterday, or, because of overloading of service. at&t, verizon and others had a little bit of a signal issue. so people were turning on their wi-fi and updating their social networking sites and that is how information got around. melissa: you know, shibani, it is so interesting. just last week we were talking about the irs using software to mine twitter and facebook, to look for certain things. it seems like now we c
: and in a completely unrelated story, she is divorced fyi. >> well, there you go. but i also think the lean-in is condescending too. the whole point of feminism is that we would be able to make our own choices and do what we felt we wanted to do, and if that's raising children and leaning out or being a ceo that was always acceptable. so i think the preaching gets really ridiculous. >> stephanie: thank you. and i did also point out, fyi, not even can afford to go to princeton. >> and if you a want to talks about shelf life -- we all have shelf life. dudes do not stay -- >> she said at 30 she married a man who did not go to princeton. ultimately it will frustrate you to marry a man who is not as smart as you. >> that poor thing who didn't marry a princeton man. she had to settle. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: thanks for the crappy love advice though. thanks a lot. all right. tina dupuy great stuff as always at this week. we'll talk to you soon. >> thanks, stephanie. [ applause ] >> stephanie: eighteen minutes after the hour. thanks for the crappy advice. i c
about our coast guard and the fyi 14 budget. of a bite to begin by thanking all of you for the tremendous support we received for the fyi 13 budget and the emergency supplemental for hurricane sandy that enables us to recapitalize the aging fleet to sustain front-line operation and care for people and these were hard earned gains that helped to sustain despite the uncertain and stormy seas caused by the current fiscal environment. yesterday in boston foundation began to pay tribute and final respects for those killed last week. the collective parts of our coastguard family go out to those in boston and those families harmed by the tragedy. but they also go out because the coast guard is a part of that committee and we could respond immediately with boats and crews and armed helicopters and boarding teams and maritime transportation security posture. our ability to respond that only in boston but allport's is a direct some results of support we have received from the congress and administration over the last 12 years. the results demonstrated during hurricane sandy when
for this for next week. >> breaking news i brought the lovely final four weather from los angeles, fyi no charge. >> fine, thank you. >>> just ahead president obama apologizes to a california attorney general over a remark about her appearance, a story that has many of you talking. >>> plus remembering a film legend, we'll look back at the life of pioneer film critic roger ebert. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i kne
. it's happening, fyi, across ideological lines and we've now seen democrats and republicans reporting suspicious packages and/or letters sent to them. we will go back to boston as well for the story of a blind man who ran the boston marathon as those bombs went off and this story is nearly as incredible as the everyday hero who was already guiding him those 26 miles when he realized what was going on around him and what he did. and today we will ask the hero with the harvard pedigree about the moment he realized his duties as a guide would involve a lot more than crossing the finish line. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! departure. hert
of the quarter, a bit of a deterioration, but unlikely to raise too much concern here. india's sensex just fyi is off about 0.5%. >>> now, we're going to bring you the final exclusive interview from my weekend in china, "worldwide exchange." >> it was a quick trip. >> it was a very quick trip. we got a lot down. i sat down with michael yew, founder of -- and i want to know why he listed stateside and how he dealt with those muddy water accusations. >> so these go through united states and nyc to get listed is that i think i should bring my company to the world and let the world understand my company and let the world buy my company. and i hope that through doing this i can show to the world, people, china has good companies. so even though we go through a lot of uppes and downs and a lot of -- from like the muddy water, i am pretty still sure about the company. so we have to prove to the world that we are by all the rules, all the regulations, step up by the world, buy acc and also we have to let our investers totally have confidence in us. >> are you confident that you've done enough? >> i'm
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)